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Bypass internet shutdowns with Ouinet

Ouinet is a collection of software tools and support infrastructure that provide access to web resources when access to the unrestricted internet is unreliable or unavailable, tailored for scenarios of limited internet connectivity and selective network traffic filtering.

Current implementations:

Browse Freely

Ceno Browser

Access web content through a network of cooperating peers - even when the internet is down or censored. Install Ceno Browser today and be prepared for the next time you get 🔌 unplugged.

Grow the network - Become a bridge!


Paskoocheh (Farsi for “alley way”) is an app store that enables easy access to circumvention and privacy tools, with peer-to-peer sharing of apps in shutdown scenarios powered by Ouinet.

Free and Open Source

Your Project!

Interested in enabling Ouinet's peer-to-peer functionality in your app? Visit our Integration Guide or contact us via the chat form at the bottom of this page.